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Data Driven Healthcare

Hamilton Health Box utilizes a suite of data analysis tools to identify employer cost efficiencies, ensure optimal delivery of care, and to allow us to dig deep into the data around your population. We analyze microclinic data, external claims data, and more, to identify risk factors and address potential issues before they arise.

With us, you will be able to dig deep to understand your population, and where your money is going, giving you insights into aspects such as:

  • Total Medical and RX Spend
  • Wellness distribution
  • Patient Risk scores
  • Patient Engagement
  • Provider & Clinic scores
  • Outcomes tracking and reporting
  • Ancillary services utilization e.g. drug test utilization

Still don’t believe us?

Just look at the numbers. They speak for themselves.

Lowering Your Healthcare Costs

Client: A self-insured industrial food supplier with increasing healthcare costs
Employees: ~300
Plan Members: ~330
Healthcare Spend: $1M - $2M
Combine operational optimization and telemedicine technology
Deploy on-site microclinic focusing on primary care
Data collected 6 months post opening
PMPM reduction in healthcare spend
Return on investment in 6 months
Increase in preventative physicals
Early diagnosis of chronic conditions

Managing COVID-19 at the Workplace

Client: Self-insured oil field services operator with COVID-19 risk management needs.
Employees: ~1,500
Employees Per Location: ~30 - 500
Number of Locations: 6+
Mass base-lining of all employees with PCR and antibody COVID-19 tests
Roll-out of ongoing COVID-19 management programs for office and field shift workers
Minimized risk of exposure and transmission in field
Sense of confidence created for 1500+ employees
Operations maintained and grown through COVID-19