Hamilton Health Box for Employers

Set your business apart with employer onsite health clinics that work for everyone.

A foundation of high-quality, basic care goes a long way to creating – and retaining – healthier, happier employees and reducing total cost of care. It starts with access – and Hamilton Health Box.

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Do more for employees.
Pay less for healthcare.

Adopt a back-to-basics approach that’s proactive, preventative, and persuades employees to see their doctor more so they’ll need emergency and other intensive care less, lowering overall cost of care.

We call it essential care for everyone: a high-touch, hybrid model that pairs the best parts of in-person care with tech-enabled virtual medicine. It’s a revolutionary model that gives both businesses and employees more bang for their healthcare buck by keeping care in-network and people out of the hospital.

Get Your Own Microclinic
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Help employees be their best, every day.

When access to care is difficult, people don’t visit the doctor. That leads to missed days, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities to manage chronic health conditions – and prevent new ones. Get an onsite clinic that increases access and gets your staff on the road to prevention with essential care that meets them where they are every day.

Available Services:

  • Primary care (preventative and urgent)
  • 24/7 Provider availability
  • Chronic care management
  • In-person and virtual visits
  • Laboratory testing
  • In-network specialist referrals
  • Mental health counseling

Optional Services:

  • Imaging including X-ray and ultrasound
  • Immunizations
  • Generic drug delivery
  • Pre-employment drug screens and more

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Hire amazing people. Keep the ones you already have.

Today’s marketplace is competitive. Hamilton Health Box gives your employees current and future the assurance that they’re truly cared for.

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Employer Onsite Clinics: One Size Does Not Fit All

Learn how our custom approach to onsite primary care opens up the option to employers of all shapes, sizes — and budgets.

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Dial up access to care. Dial down the cost.

When employee engagement with healthcare rises, downstream costs decrease, reducing the total cost of healthcare for an organization. Hamilton Health Box has helped organizations achieve:

decrease in PMPM total spend
ROI within 6 months of onsite care use
increase in preventative physicals
drop in ER and urgent care visits
increase in primary care visits
By having a clinic in the building, we couldn’t make it much easier. When you add the fact that if you're on our health plan, it's free to visit the clinic, then there really is no drawback.
Betty Jean Larson
Betty Jean Larson
Chief Human Resources Officer for Boxer Properties

How Hamilton Health Box Works

We create a core of essential care by putting humans first and using technology to enhance it, not dilute it.

Employer onsite health clinics

Tell us what works best for your business.

Our employee clinics come in all flavors from onsite to mobile, but all have a dedicated care team at their heart.

Step 1
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Reach every employee.

Communicate the way your team does and meet them where they are, digitally or physically, with announcements, follow-ups, and ongoing friendly reminders.

Step 2
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Watch good health bloom.

When anyone has access to the basics of care, wellness increases for everyone. The results aren’t just positive, they’re exponential.

Step 3
See costs decline and retention rise.

See costs decline and retention rise.

Get more than just a healthier population, get a happier one with the tools and resources to keep the good going. Reduce healthcare costs in the process.

Step 4

Why Hamilton Health Box

Personalized programs – and care

Personalized programs – and care

Collaborate with Hamilton Health Box’s clinical and operations teams to create a customized clinical program just right for your staff and business, then roll it out to every employee with personalized educational and marketing materials.

Insight that builds

Insight that builds

Know what’s driving your business’s healthcare spend and improve your plans with real data from your employee base.

Informed stakeholders

Informed stakeholders

Regularly scheduled stakeholder summits keep your decision-makers updated on progress and in-the-know. Never guess about the overall wellness of your employee population again.

Real-time data

Real-time data

Find out quickly what works (and what doesn’t) in your HR and benefits plans, plus get monthly, quarterly, and annual engagement and usage points helpful for improving plans over time.

Get Your Own Microclinic

See Our Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hamilton Health Box work with self-funded and fully insured companies?

We work with both. One great benefit of increased access to high-quality primary care is that as populations receive proactive care and take control of their health, primary costs for self-funded plans will decrease. (Healthy people don't go to the doctor as often.) It might not happen right away, but it is a logical - and proven - conclusion over time.

Does Hamilton Health Box work with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs)?

Yes we do. Our clinical operations team will work with your HR team to create a program that is fully compliant with your HDHP and HSA benefits offering. HDHP members will receive all preventive services free of charge. For non-preventive visits, we will collect a fair market value for the visit that can be paid out of pocket or from the patient's HSA.

Does Hamilton Health Box offer only full-time onsite clinics?

Hamilton Health Box offers full-time and half-time (part-time) clinic programs. Half-time clinics are typically reserved for employers with smaller populations and operate 5 days per week for 4 hours each day. Contact us today to learn more.

Do you provide onsite, nearsite, or virtual clinics?

HHB only provides onsite primary care clinics. They leverage a hybrid in-person/telemedicine primary care delivery model with a dedicated team of clinicians and providers. Most of our programs also offer virtual urgent care 24/7/365.

Do you offer services only to employees?

No: spouses, dependents, and families may also be included at the election of the business.

Does the employee have to pay for the service?

Services for covered employees, and their families if included, are paid for by the employer.

What clinic services does HHB provide?

Hamilton Health Box provides a complete primary care experience that utilizes highly trained nurses, medical assistants or EMTs, physician assistants, and medical doctors. We provide unlimited primary and preventive care, urgent care, and chronic condition management. You’ll get all services that are offered during a traditional primary care visit at a doctor’s office: in-clinic blood draws, CLIA-waived testing, annual wellness exams (physicals), vaccinations, standard X-rays, and much more.

Does HHB offer mental/behavioral health services?

Yes. HHB has a team of mental health specialists available for in-person and virtual appointments.

How long does it take to launch an onsite clinic program?

HHB can build out, staff, and open an onsite clinic as quickly as 8-12 weeks after contract execution.

Do onsite clinic services include prescription drugs?

All required prescriptions are submitted to the patient’s pharmacy of choice, but the cost for prescription drugs is not covered by our standard program. HHB does offer employers a generic prescription delivery program at a low add-on cost.

Do onsite clinic services include labs?

Yes. Standard labs are included at no additional charge.

Do onsite clinic services include imaging?

Imaging can be added as an optional service.

Do you manage workman’s comp/occupational medicine?

HHB handles only first aid for work-related injuries. Our DOT-certified providers can also provide pre-employment physicals, drug screens, and FIT tests.

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Access is primary. Health is primary.

With Hamilton Health Box, you are primary.

There is no other workplace health solution like Hamilton Health Box. Learn more about how we’re changing the way healthcare works, and start changing your workplace health today.

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