Hamilton Health Box for Patients

With Hamilton Health Box, you are primary.

Take control of your health without worrying about seeking out or traveling to a far-away physician’s office. Hamilton Health Box brings everyday essential healthcare to your community, with human-run clinics and friendly, remember-your-name care that’s easy to say yes to and even easier to afford.

Doctor and patient

Care that’s just right for you, right where you are.

Visit a Hamilton Health Box microclinic for all your day-to-day healthcare needs from physicals to urgent care, and meet with a practitioner who’s always there for you and your family and even better, always close by.

Doctor with young patient

When my son ran into another kid at gym class, I knew the quickest, most affordable care was to go to my MHOC clinic. My son had an xray in within an few hours. When it showed a fracture, the MHOC team contacted the orthopedist's office and we were able to get him casted that day. All before 5 pm that same day. If we had gone to an urgent care, we would probably be still waiting.


I came into the clinic for some upper respiratory symptoms and was told that I would be seen by the doctor virtually. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised about how convenient, accurate and reliable it was when I left. I think it is a wonderful service to all the employees.


I was in Florida for a family vacation when I noticed some swelling on the side of my daughter's head. I was not sure what to do so I sent some pictures to MHOC. Dr. Davis quickly responded and was able to order medication for me to pickup in Florida! The swelling minimized within hours and we were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation. MHOC is a true blessing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this urgent care?

It’s that, and more. While most of our programs offer virtual urgent care 24/7/365, Hamilton Health Box was designed first and foremost to provide essential, everyday primary care. You’ll get all the services offered during a traditional primary care visit at a doctor’s office: in-clinic blood draws, testing, annual wellness exams (physicals), vaccinations, standard X-rays, and much more.

Is Hamilton Health Box an in-person or virtual clinic?

Our model is founded on combining the best aspects of in-person care with telemedicine enhancement. You’ll find our clinics in existing spaces, mobile units, or as standalone health boxes.

Who are your services available to?

When your employer, insurer, or community provider partners with Hamilton Health Box, convenient primary care for you, your spouse, dependents, and your family is convenient and close.

Primary care nurse

The doctor will see you now.

If getting to the doctor seems to always fall to the bottom of your to-do list, we want to offer you something rare in healthcare: easy access to high-quality service that’s affordable for anyone. It’s real, and we believe it’s the healthiest thing to happen to medicine in a long time.