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COVID-19 Services & Testing

Hamilton Health Box COVID-19 Testing & Monitoring Services

We provide COVID-19 testing, monitoring, and ongoing healthcare consultation for your entire workforce to help keep your employees healthy and safe. During these uncertain times, we partner with our clients to ensure they have the information to make the healthiest decisions for their business.

PCR Test
  • Sample: saliva, nasal, or throat swab
  • Sent to CLIA certified high-complexity laboratory for analysis
  • Informs if a person is currently infected and contagious
  • Does not identify if an individual has already been infected and cleared virus
What does the sputum PCR test check for?

The PCR test measures the viral load i.e. how much virus is in your mucosal tissues and if the virus is still active.

The test, however, does not indicate whether you previously had the virus and have already cleared it.

How is the PCR (sputum) Test administered?

To get a good sample, you can’t eat or drink for 10 minutes prior; you will then be asked to spit into a sample cup. This cup will be labelled and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Results return within 3-5 business days. The nasal and throat swab samples are collected at the entrance of the nose, and by swabbing the back of the throat.

Serology (Antibody) Test
  • Sample: blood draw via finger prick
  • Informs a person that has been previously infected and produced an immune response
What does the Serology (Blood) screen check for?

The serological test measures your body’s antibody response i.e. immune response. This means whether or not your body has started fighting the virus. This test only tests positive 3-7 days after being infected, when the body mounts an immune response, however also continues to test positive once the virus has been cleared, thereby showing whether you have recovered, or were asymptomatic.

How will the serology (blood) test be administered?

The blood test is administered by finger prick by a healthcare provider. Your finger tip will be cleaned, pricked with a lancet (like a diabetes needle), and a single drop of blood will be placed in the test kit. The test kit requires 5-15 minutes to develop and show a result.