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Hamilton Health Box offers a suite of primary, urgent, and emergent care services at your workplace through our microclinics and immersive telemedicine technologies.

Whether on the job site, in the office, or at home our team of providers is available to you, your employees and their dependents 24/7. Our full-time, on-site staff serve as the shepherds of your company’s healthcare and well-being, creating an environment of trust and culture of care.

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Through historical claims analysis, we ensure that we provide you with the lowest cost of care, period. Ongoing reporting gives you an overview of the performance of your microclinic and healthcare benefits, and allows our providers to tailor the care to your needs.

Our turnkey, on-site microclinics are optimized for small work-sites with few employees. Using leading telemedicine technology, we can staff your clinic on-site full time with a medical professional, and connect you and your employees to our full team of providers. Our on-site microclinics are ready to provide primary, urgent and emergent care services.

Our teams staff and operate testing and monitoring centers tailored to your needs. Through our on-site presence we can support and manage your on-going needs for monitoring for symptoms, exposure, and return to work for SARS-CoV-2 and other conditions.

We provide testing for COVID-19, flu and other seasonal illnesses, as well as adult and pediatric immunizations to always keep your team focused on preventative care.

Using leading telemedicine technology, your employees can have access to our team of providers 24/7, whether at the worksite, working remotely, at home, or elsewhere. Our connected devices allow our providers to gain insight into every patient's vitals, providing quality care in the most convenient setting possible: where and when it's most needed.

Hamilton Health Box can be tailored to your needs, providing on-site, immediate drug and alcohol screens, DOT and non-DOT physicals and other related services.

More than 40% of the population suffer from chronic conditions, if left untreated, these cases often end up in the Emergency Room, or Urgent Care. Through active and regular engagement, the Hamilton Health Box team can help manage chronic conditions, reducing the long term cost of care.

Hamilton Health Box works with you, the employer, and your third party administrator to ensure that every claim gets treated in the highest quality, most cost-effective setting possible.

Standardized annual preventative visit for adults and children with your Hamilton Health Box physician. For a truly executive experience, we also provide full blood work analysis, treadmill or bicycle based stress test including EKG monitoring, CT scans of thoracic and abdominal organs, and full body dermatological screening.

As the shepherds of your company’s healthcare, we’ll provide engaging programming and reminders to keep employees motivated and focused on their healthcare goals.